Vita Epsilon by the side of the Thira Sports Club


Vita Epsilon by the side of the Thira Sports Club

Vita Epsilon by the side of the Thira Sports Club


After 8 years of successful presence in the business market of Santorini and Southern Cyclades, Vita Epsilon has managed to travel several kilometers to achieve its goals, one of which was our establishment as one of the best catering companies through quality service delivery and quality products to its customers. The whole Vita Epsilon family works with a vision to make our company a model in the business and social landscape.

A key part of our culture is to support actions that have a special meaning and to actually promote concepts and values ​​such as ethics and responsibility. Our  sponsorship and support to the Thira Sports Club is based on these common values ​​but also on others such as the passion for sports, dedication, hard work and the need for development. Continuous effort to improve and high goals are also common features we share.


We also consider our duty and obligation as a company to operate with social responsibility and to be connected to society as a whole. In this context, we provide annual assistance for social and charitable purposes. Sponsorships are given for various public events and in the difficult years due to the crisis, families who have found themselves in a difficult position also support it.

Nowadays, it is important to create an environment of optimism that will inspire and be inspired. Able to restart human strength, to highlight our place and to invest in an optimistic future.

Today, more than ever, our country needs the strength of the new generation who, in the midst of difficult times, will dare to make their dreams come true with persistence, health and dedication. Encouraging sports is not only commendable but also necessary in a time full of challenges.


Sport  is part of our culture and as such we experience it. We support the athletes and applaud the effort of the Association. We would like to wish the Athletic Club of Thira to continue its great work and the players to continue to set the sports standards high and become an example to follow for the children and young athletes of our country. We are proud and very happy that they are also participating in this effort. Sport unites us and offers us unique moments of joy, away from evil, hatred and pettiness.





Coffee-Breakfast Foods-Fresh and Frozen Food-Grocery store. Premium Food-Ethnic Food.
Low cost products or premium options for all-inclusive hotels or à la carte. Offers and special requests for traditional or gourmet restaurants.
The company implements the Food Safety Management System HACCP & ISO 22000.
Our team consists of 8 employees in the Purchasing Department, 10 employees in the Warehouse Department and 21 individuals who are employed as company drivers.
The Supply Department has extensive knowledge in food products and caters to the satisfaction of all special requests.

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