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Being good at catering to the customer is not enough.
You also have to be unique. That is the goal of Vita Epsilon

The Company

Vita Epsilon is a food products company that specializes in the food service industry.

The company caters to hotels, restaurants, coffee houses and food service businesses.

A wide range of high-quality products is provided to all types of businesses which support a professional kitchen.

Vita Epsilon was founded in the spring of 2008. The company, recognizing the important role of gastronomy, diligently undertook the role of catering to food service businesses. The selection process of its products and business partners, takes place after specific assessment of the qualitative characteristics of the products, commensurate with their cost.

The company’s goal

Being good at catering to the customer is not enough.

You also have to be unique. That is the goal of Vita Epsilon.


Since 2020, Vita Epsilon is located in Santorini, at its new 3000 square meters modern establishments which include:

  • 1500 square meters of cold chambers and laboratories
  • 1000 square meters of dry food storage rooms.
  • 200 square meters of exhibition halls dedicated to presenting and trying out food products and coffee..
  • 300 square meters of offices.

The company’s products are distributed by a fleet of 10 refrigerated trucks.

Business Activity

Vita Epsilon distributes local and imported food products, as well as coffee. These commodities come from:

  • Greek Producers.
  • Greek Companies that represent specific establishments in Greece and abroad.
  • Direct partnerships with companies abroad..

Vita Epsilon delivers its products to all types of Hotels, Restaurants and Coffee Houses.


Safety constitutes one of the fundamental values of Vita Epsilon.

The company implements the Food Safety Management System (HACCP), according to which all products are preserved on a case-by-case basis of their type and category.

Furthermore, the company enforces the ISO 22000 System (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) which specializes in ensuring the health and safety of its products.

Food Hall

The Food Hall is a complete area of exhibition halls on the premises of the company’s establishments. It incorporates a multi-purpose facility, delectable choice products and an ideal venue for professionals who are interested in delving into gastronomic demonstrations, discussions and food tasting.

In the mornings, visitors can enjoy their breakfast by picking food and drinks from a complete buffet. In a fully equipped kitchen, the making of concoctions and the presentations of food products are coordinated by our partners that come from Greece and abroad. In addition, there is a separate area for coffee, where visitors can enjoy one, out of the many separate coffee blends that the company supplies.


Affiliated companies


Business Partners in Greece and Abroad







Company Departments

Supply Department

The Company’s Supply Department consists of 4 capable members who are fully devoted in travelling around the globe in search of new business partners and products. Both in Greece and abroad, they are in charge of researching and evaluating new bargains.

Abiding by the company’s values, they select unique products, in order to assemble the wide range of products that Vita Epsilon provides to its customers.

Quality Control Department

The company’s chef and the food technologist, work in unison in order to inspect and evaluate the products and grant their approval for the inclusion of a product in the Vita Epsilon list of products.

Sales department

The Company’s Sales Department is actualized by 2 food sales consultants and 2 coffee sales consultants.

They are continuously trained and updated on the company’s products.

Characterized by their diligence, respectfulness and constant communication with the customers, they ensure that their customers’ needs are being heard and that they are properly consulted.

Their knowledge, experience and honestly, elicit the trust and preference of the customers.

Purchasing Department

A team of 8 experienced employees is in charge of organizing the purchasing process, from the reception to the delivery of the products. They pay great attention in the right selection of the requested products by the customer, as well as in updating the customer for any alterations to his original purchase. Ultimately, they plan the exact date and time of the product delivery to the customer.

Warehouse and Laboratory Department

The Company’s Warehouse and Laboratory Department employs 12 highly skilled workers.

Specialized in each individual setting and type of product, they are in charge of receiving the merchandise. Subsequently, they collect and distribute the purchased products to the company’s drivers for delivery. The employees cover very responsible positions, which are characterized by exceptional working conditions.

A certified installation permit and qualified workers allow the processing and repackaging of products, in order to satisfy the individual needs of the company’s customers.

Company Drivers

The 21 employees who conduct a fleet of 12 refrigerated trucks are individually selected for the position of the company driver.

Defined by their considerate and safe driving behavior during continuous delivery routes, they distribute each customer’s purchase at his doorstep.

Their good nature and punctuality, as well as their compliance to health regulations that correspond to themselves and their tracks, make them unique.

Coffee Machine Technicians Department

The three technicians of the company take care of the correct function of the coffee machines that are available in the company, the number of which is over 500. They constitute the best team of coffee machine technicians and experts as they supervise the delivery, reliable testing, suitable adjustment to each customer’s needs, as well as an immediate response in cases of breakdown.

Butcher Shop & Meat Laboratory

Since 2020, concerning HO.RE.CA. customers,  Vita Epsilon has included in its services  the certified and licensed Meat Laboratory focusing on cutting and processing high-quality meat products with the most modern mechanical equipment and professionals in the field.

Vita Epsilon’s philosophy has always been about to provide quality products and services, complying with all safety and hygiene regulations.

The Butcher shop and the Meat Processing Workshop that have been opening their doors since 2020 combine aesthetics and know-how, offering quality meats in ideal cuts.

In the Butcher’s shop the customer can find a great variety of high-quality meat products  from Greek and foreign farms as well as premium meats. Beef, pork, lamb, chicken and Meat products are always provided according to each business needs.  The company’s professional partners are always available to serve the customers, but also to recommend the best options depending on the desired results of each catering business.

What our partners are saying...

"It is very important for the Chefs’ to have access to raw material and this is quite difficult when on an island. However, with Vita Epsilon everything becomes easy and filled with quality, since the company is punctual when it comes to the deliveries and have the appropriate logistics. Therefore, in the island of Santorini, anything that concerns raw material is now a simple and straightforward case."

Charis Nikolouzos

"It is extremely important to have by your side a company that can cope with anything you need. Vita Epsilon is this company. Thank you for the remarkable collaboration."

Kostas Angelopoulos

Executive Chef

"Last year and this year as well, in a new collaboration in Santorini, I was lucky enough to collaborate with the company called Vita Epsilon. It is a collaboration based in healthy and steady relationships. After a difficult season for everyone, I would like to greatly thank the team and the company for their professionalism, their seriousness as well as their punctuality"

Michalis Doynetas

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