The Company

Vita Epsilon is a food products company that specializes in the food service industry.



Business Activity

Vita Epsilon delivers its products to all types of Hotels, Restaurants and Coffee Houses.


Establishments and Certification

Since 2020, Vita Epsilon is located in Santorini, at its new 3000 square meters modern establishments. In addition, the company maintains 200 square meters of offices in Athens.


Food Hall

The Food Hall is a complete area of exhibition halls on the premises of the company’s establishments. In addition, there is a separate area for coffee, where visitors can enjoy one and meet the most capable team of expert coffee technicians.


Company Departments

Vita Epsilon consists of 7 Departments, the Supplies Department, the Food Quality Control Department, the Sales Department, the Purchasing Department, the Warehouse Department and Laboratories, the Driver Services Department, and also the Technical Support Department for Coffee Equipment.

Meat Knife

Butcher Shop & Meat Laboratory

The Butcher shop and the Meat Processing Workshop that have been opening their doors since 2020 combine aesthetics and know-how, offering quality meats in ideal cuts.


Affiliated companies


Business Partners in Greece and Abroad






Fleet/ Trucks


Coffee-Breakfast Foods-Fresh and Frozen Food-Grocery store. Premium Food-Ethnic Food.
Low cost products or premium options for all-inclusive hotels or à la carte. Offers and special requests for traditional or gourmet restaurants.
The company implements the Food Safety Management System HACCP & ISO 22000.
Our team consists of 8 employees in the Purchasing Department, 10 employees in the Warehouse Department and 21 individuals who are employed as company drivers.
The Supply Department has extensive knowledge in food products and caters to the satisfaction of all special requests.



Foodwise Horeca

Nowadays, Vita Epsilon distributes its products to over 1000 businesses, since its foundation in 2008.

Coffee experts

Coffee Experts & Full Service

Vita Epsilon has in its workforce, 2 coffee sales consultants, the most capable team of expert coffee technicians, a wide range of unique espresso and filter coffee blends


Consulting Services

Being fully knowledgeable about the company’s products, we are certainly the most capable of assisting you with our valid consulting services.


Food Presentations and Tasting

Food presentations and the tasting of products are organized by the company’s chef, along with our associates from all over Greece, as well as abroad.


  1. People

    Experienced and well-informed individuals who love what they do

  2. Products

    Products characterized by their quality, low cost and uniqueness

  3. Services

    Loyal and satisfied business partners

  4. Partners

    Partners satisfied loyalists

Vita Epsilon in figures for 2022


Increase in Imported Products


Increase in partnerships


Market expansion


HORECA turnover growth


COFFEE turnover growth


"It is very important for the Chefs’ to have access to raw material and this is quite difficult when on an island. However, with Vita Epsilon everything becomes easy and filled with quality, since the company is punctual when it comes to the deliveries and have the appropriate logistics. Therefore, in the island of Santorini, anything that concerns raw material is now a simple and straightforward case."

Charis Nikolouzos

"It is extremely important to have by your side a company that can cope with anything you need. Vita Epsilon is this company. Thank you for the remarkable collaboration."

Kostas Angelopoulos

Executive Chef

"Last year and this year as well, in a new collaboration in Santorini, I was lucky enough to collaborate with the company called Vita Epsilon. It is a collaboration based in healthy and steady relationships. After a difficult season for everyone, I would like to greatly thank the team and the company for their professionalism, their seriousness as well as their punctuality"

Michalis Doynetas

"The first time I found myself in Santorini in 2017 I have to confess that I was worried about the fact that there was a great distance between the island and Athens and I felt worried about the variety of the products and their delivery to our hands in the appropriate time. Vita Epsilon is the driving force of Santorini island."

Adam Kodovas

"I've been working with Vita Epsilon the last 10 years on a daily basis.They are one of my most important business partners whose daily contribution to both service and products as well as of total amount of  services, is keeping the quality at the highest level."

Belesis George

Executive Chef - Kapari Natural Resort

"Being a customer from the start I was happy to see the company evolve into my most valuable partner.  VE's highly trained staff is always willing to offer, with professionalism, dedication and passion, high quality services but above all security, support and the certainty that every professional needs.  A company with a clear vision and goals that always manages to surprise us positively"

Giannis Papaevangelou


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