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Nowadays, Vita Epsilon distributes its products to over 1000 businesses, since its foundation in 2008. With the initial objective of being more than exceptional in what we do, we have developed an exceedingly wide range of quality products, which we continuously enrich with the best that the market has to offer. Our products are collected from Greek producers or are exported to us by the best foreign professionals in the food industry.

Vita Epsilon’s expertise in Foodwise Horeca as well as the company’s rapid progress, are evident in the company’s data (1125 affiliated companies, 205 business partners, 3850 products, 59 employees as the company’s workforce, 12 trucks) which are showing growth on a daily basis, for the ultimate goal of satisfying all the needs of HORECA businesses.

With its wide range of products, experienced personnel, fast customer service, as well as its philosophy and understanding of Foodwise Horeca, the company can meet all individual needs of businesses in the food service industry.

The numerous employees that make up the company’s fully qualified workforce, are in charge of selecting the most extraordinary and high in quality products of the market, which are then evaluated by the company’s experts before they are included in Vita Epsilon’s product lists. Subsequently, all affiliated companies are guided and consulted according to their specific requests and needs (custom service). In addition, a very important part of what makes Vita Epsilon a unique company in its field, is daily customer support.

The company’s priority is to ensure the health and safety of the products which are guaranteed and certified as well as their fast and safe delivery to Vita Epsilon’s customers.
Vita Epsilon has in its workforce, 2 coffee sales consultants, the most capable team of expert coffee technicians, a wide range of unique espresso and filter coffee blends, as well as over 500 installed coffee machines in businesses in the Northern Cyclades.

With a sense of great responsibility and after test trials made by our associates, we select the best coffee varieties and the best equipment, in order to satisfy our customers’ most unique demands, both in quality as well as by providing modern resolutions.

At the Vita Epsilon Coffee Hall, we have created for our customers, a one-of-a-kind installation where our company’s team of experts can reveal the secrets and unique flavors of the exquisite coffee blends that are in our disposal. As customers, you have the opportunity of discovering firsthand, the espresso and filter coffee machines and equipment, as well as discussing with us your individual needs.

Vita Epsilon’s experienced technical staff guarantees to our customers the proper adjustment of their coffee machines. In cases of breakdown, the company’s technical department rapidly rises to the challenge and restores any occurred malfunction.

Our sales consultants can guide you through the best possible choice to cover the individual needs of your business. In addition, they always remain by your side, by providing continuous updates for all new advances in the coffee industry.
Being fully knowledgeable about the company’s products, we are certainly the most capable of assisting you with our valid consulting services.

The company’s sales consultants for our products and coffee are characterized by their honesty, respect for the customer and extensive experience. These values enable sales consultants to gain the trust and preference of the customers. Sales Consultants are also involved in helping customers when consulting is wanted or needed, for example calculating the food cost of the breakfast at a hotel or a restaurant’s menu. The estimated cost is always based on the custom needs of each one of our affiliated companies.

Furthermore, at the Food Hall, Vita Epsilon’s fully equipped area of exhibition halls, you can try out our products firsthand and select unique flavor combinations that could upgrade your company.

At the company’s exhibition halls, the creation of concoctions, product tasting and food and coffee presentations are taking place on a daily basis. By means of our multiple-flavored recommendations, discussions and tasting, we offer our customers the opportunity to select the most appropriate products for their companies, which are tailored to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Each and every one of our affiliated companies, has its own custom needs. As a company with longstanding expertise in its field, Vita Epsilon opts to always remaining by the customer’s side in order to help customize the costs and the product selection, as befits every single hotel, restaurant, coffee house or any other business in the food service industry.
At the Vita Epsilon Food Hall, high quality gastronomical adventures are taking place.

Food presentations and the tasting of products are organized by the company’s chef, along with our associates from all over Greece, as well as abroad. These demonstrations have the sole purpose of presenting the company’s in-depth knowledge, progress and creativity. For this reason, the Food Hall is open on a daily basis in the mornings. At the Food Hall, a complete breakfast buffet is being served, along with food and coffee presentations, in order to provide the most suitable and efficient services for the company’s customers, who are interested in contributing and stating their opinion during the creation of their own professional menu.

The food presentations and tasting of products aim to assist customers in selecting what is best for their businesses, with the help and guidance of Vita Epsilon’s consultants who are always present.





Coffee-Breakfast Foods-Fresh and Frozen Food-Grocery store. Premium Food-Ethnic Food.
Low cost products or premium options for all-inclusive hotels or à la carte. Offers and special requests for traditional or gourmet restaurants.
The company implements the Food Safety Management System HACCP & ISO 22000.
Our team consists of 8 employees in the Purchasing Department, 10 employees in the Warehouse Department and 21 individuals who are employed as company drivers.
The Supply Department has extensive knowledge in food products and caters to the satisfaction of all special requests.

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