JDE: The Union of Giants


JDE: The Union of Giants

JDE: The Union of Giants

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Johann Jacobs & Douwe Egberts did not know where their journey would take them. But they believed that everyone deserves to have the coffee they love. Based on the deep love for good coffee, the two big companies have joined forces and invite us to their innovative way of thinking and excellent coffee flavors with rich aromas.

Vita Epsilon after years of success with French coffee, the cafitesse system and with excellent blends from DOUWE EGBERTS completes its range with the unique quality of JACOBS coffee. The essence of JACOBS’s many years of experience and high know-how are unique coffee flavors. Rich aroma with special characteristics, make them the best choice for professional use of high demands.

Vita Epsilon proudly representing the giant JDE JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS, created a specialized department with a professional BARISTA to offer the know-how and training that every professional needs. At the same time, the technical department of the company was developed, covering immediately and efficiently every need.

The specialized team of Vita Epsilon is waiting for you in its renewed exhibition hall to get to know the art of coffee, to travel with the aromas and mainly to help you find the best solutions for your needs.

Coffee quality is a journey of knowledge and experience!





Coffee-Breakfast Foods-Fresh and Frozen Food-Grocery store. Premium Food-Ethnic Food.
Low cost products or premium options for all-inclusive hotels or à la carte. Offers and special requests for traditional or gourmet restaurants.
The company implements the Food Safety Management System HACCP & ISO 22000.
Our team consists of 8 employees in the Purchasing Department, 10 employees in the Warehouse Department and 21 individuals who are employed as company drivers.
The Supply Department has extensive knowledge in food products and caters to the satisfaction of all special requests.

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